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  I am Beth and I custom made hair accessories like hair bows, cheer bows, baby bows, headbands and more. Hair bows can be personalized upon request and custom orders are always welcome!

Monday, July 13, 2009

BabyCakes Bucks

I am adding BabyCakes Bucks to my store. Everytime you purchase from me I will keep up with how much you spend, minus shipping. Everytime you spend $10, you will get $1 in BabyCakes bucks. You don't have to spend $10 at one time, you can spend $5 now and $5 the next time or $20 now and get $2 BabyCakes bucks. You can use them towards your NEXT purchase AFTER the $10, can NOT be used on that purchase unless you spend over the $10. You can also let them grow and receive FREE bows, minus shipping. If you have any questions, post here as this will be the FAQ for anyone who may want to know more about the program. This is also good for custom orders and our clothing coming in August. Start earning your bucks now for the holidays!!
You can purchase from http://www.MySweetBabyCakesBowtique.com
Or you can purchase from me directly and let me custom make an order for you.

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