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  I am Beth and I custom made hair accessories like hair bows, cheer bows, baby bows, headbands and more. Hair bows can be personalized upon request and custom orders are always welcome!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Hot Pink, Pink, Creme Ruffle Boutique Hair Bow Girly Frilly

This is a frilly, girly Hot Pink, Pink and Creme Ruffle boutique hair bow. This is a girly bow made out of ruffle ribbon. This bow has a creme ruffle bow on the bottom with hot pink, pink and creme flares in the center. On the top you have a big creme bow, with a pink bow on top of that one and a hot pink bow in the center of that one. This bow measures 8 inches across
and the sides are 5 inches, very nice, big, full, girly bow.

Free shipping when you make 3 or more purchases!! This bow is $5.49, most hair bows are $4.99 and less :)


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