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  I am Beth and I custom made hair accessories like hair bows, cheer bows, baby bows, headbands and more. Hair bows can be personalized upon request and custom orders are always welcome!

Friday, December 31, 2010

Jasmine and Cinderella Hair bows


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Happy New Year

I hope you all have a fantastic New year!! I am so excited! New years give me motivation for all the new things I hope to accomplish, like a new start :) I have so many ideas for the upcoming new year so keep your eyes open. I will be adding new items like matching socks to go with my hair bows, Birthday shirts to go with a cute birthday bow with matching socks. I am so excited to get these new things to you. It will be a couple of months before they make their appearance so follow my blog so you will be the first to know!! You can also follow my fan page for updates as I list there first.
Have a great day and be safe!!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Valentine Hair Bows with Marabou

Here's my newest hair bows with more coming. I know I slacked in December. I had a lot of orders that needed to be completed as well as other things going on with the busy holiday season. We had a great Christmas and had our FIRST white Christmas, my kids thought it was the best Christmas EVER!!! I hope all of you had a wonderful Christmas too and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!
Remeber, I LOVE making custom orders. If you need a bow in different colors and sizes, let me know. Most orders can be completed and in the mail within 7 days.

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